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Aspiring students to create positive study habits online

Studlytics, an advanced proctoring tool for learning management systems, enables students to take ownership of their learning while providing teachers with real-time metrics to enhance student efficiency.

Increase student Success

Unveiling Student Productivity

Studlytics surpasses conventional learning tools by monitoring accessed websites and apps and gauging students' inactive periods and productive hours on their laptops. With this valuable information, teachers can create insightful reports displaying students' activities during their study time, whether working on specific tasks, assignments, projects, or taking a break.

Available Platforms


Teacher & Support Team Dashboard

Studlytics’ teacher dashboard is created with teachers in mind with an intuitive interface. Teachers will be able to quickly identify their lowest and highest achieving students based on their Studlytics Score (SS).

Learning Style Support Systems

tudlytics prioritizes Positive Behavior Support Intervention (PBSI) and Response to Intervention (RtI) to empower students to advocate for their own study methods and behaviors.

Teachers can identify students based on their intervention levels and their accommodations from their Individualized Education Plans.

Why Our App Useful To You?

Teachers will be able to assign students to their parent/guardian, consolers, tutors, or any other support personnel the student has to be successful.

Studlytics gives teachers an easy to read reporting system for them to differentiate and customize learning for their students.

Increase student Success

Student Centered Data and Support

Studlytics' proprietary Studlytics Score (SS) is the foundation of our platform for placing the power back in the hands of students. Using an algorithm based on a student's, idle time, non allowed applications and website visited all stakeholders can easily identify areas of support needed when completing tasks.


Meet The Team

Dynamic professional educator with a passion for teaching and learning. She is a eduprenuer who is committed to empowering tweens and teens on defining what is next for them in life. She has led her company, The Fitz Solution, provides academic, social and professional guidance for teens. Her signature program, The Ultimate Selfie, helps tweens and teens identify their strengths, core values and passions. The goal is to increase self confidence and self worth to be able answer the question: "What's Next?"


After earning his law degree in 2001 in Detroit from Wayne State University Law School, Robert practiced commercial litigation for six years before serving as the Court Administrator of the third largest district court in the state of Michigan. During his ten years at the court, he initiated a series of modernization projects that created the most technologically forward court in the state of Michigan. After leaving the court, he co-founded software company CourtWorks, LLC and Gouranger, LLC to provide online solutions to court probation departments, civil process servers and law firms.


Samuel Jean originally went to school in pursuit of becoming a psychotherapist for children. While in college, he worked with children with behavioral issues, adolescents with substance abuse, and adults with mental health. After a seven-year career in the behavioral health industry, Samuel decided to shift toward technology and started a career in information technology. He went back to school and studied computer networking. He worked ten years building a solid background in Information Technology, Strategy and Planning, and Operational Management.

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Customers & students growing with Studlytics

“Studlytics has given our teachers the power to really make positive change in their students learning. Having a software that teachers like and use, is priceless.” K- 8 Principal 

“My favorite feature is being able to customized my students learning environments. As a special education teacher is key to my students success.” ESE Middle School Teacher 

“As a parent I was nervous about the amount of time my child was spending online. Studlytics teaches my child to make more responsible decisions while learning online.” High School Parent 

“Allowing students to make choices on how they best learn online is tantamount to a child’s success. Studlytics is preparing students for a world outside of school.” High School Career Coach 


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